Saturday, January 30, 2016

Time tells the story

About six years ago, John Xiang began building this custom home in Great Falls area. The design and sitting of the house was carefully planned by him as well. The house is all brick with partial stone. Notice that the dormers on the roof are actually false dormers, part of a great design. Even through difficult snow conditions, our crew did not stop working on the development of this house.

The best part of the story happened on Sunday; the construction management contract was signed within 3 hours with the owners. They realized that John not only does better job but also his final cost is at a significantly less expensive price than other builders, they happily committed to the project.

Signature Address Block

Weaver Construction specially make a precast address block for each custom home built.
This precast address block gives the house a custom made mark. It is a sign of high quality, it shows the owner care this house. We preordered this address block during the middle process of construction.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

We care our projects

To build quality home is a high standard, to care a project, that is what wins the heart and soul of customer. We are the builder that we took extra care for our projects.

following are two pictures showing that we place plastic cover before snow storm comes and we clean the snow after the snow.

New project in Vienna

Weaver Construction has started a new house construction in Vienna area. This house is on a large lot and has spectacular views. The architectural front of house is impressive with extensive front porch and gazebo. It will be all brick and partial stone. It is energy efficient and has smart wiring.